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There is no denying that AI models like ChatGPT are becoming more and more powerful, but as their tentacles reach into all corners of human work, learning, and life, human existence and interests are being increasingly squeezed.

In fact, the term AI is not new to us. It is the key object of development in many fields, has penetrated into all aspects of our daily life, and the industries involved are numerous. Today, let's learn some knowledge about artificial intelligence.

It's well known that gaming is growing faster than ever before, though for many people getting online just for fun is now no longer their main driver. The rise of blockchain gaming has revolutionized the landscape of the gaming industry by making players the primary financial decision makers.

Neuro AI is a new discipline, which aims to promote the development of AI technology by studying human brain, and use AI to better study human brain. One of the core tools of neural AI is to use artificial neural networks to create computer models of specific brain functions. This method began in 2014, when researchers at MIT and Columbia University found that deep artificial neural networks could explain the reaction process of the brain's object recognition region, the infratemporal cortex (IT). So they introduced a basic experimental method: comparing the artificial neural network with the brain. Then repeatedly and iteratively test various brain reaction processes: shape recognition, motion processing, speech processing, arm control, spatial memory, etc., and establish corresponding brain processing models for each reaction.