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In today's digitalized world, both the logistics industry and blockchain technology are areas of great interest. The logistics industry is a key part of economic growth and international trade, while blockchain technology is superior in disrupting the traditional economic model and creating a new ecosystem of low-cost and high efficiency.

Called one of the world-changing technologies of the 21st century, blockchain has become an industry hotspot, and investors can go about blockchain investing in three ways, based on investing in digital currencies, related stocks, and related startups.

When a new technology appears, people tend to think that it is just an upgrade and iteration of the previous technology, and most of them will just use the previous thinking to understand and apply it, just like today's web3.0 based on the application of blockchain technology, we also need to completely abandon our preconceptions to understand it.

On April 14, camera giant Canon U.S.A. announced that it will launch an ethereal NFT marketplace dedicated to photography later this year, which will be Canon's further foray into the Web3 space after the 2022 NFT drop.

Embracing blockchain seems to have become the mainstream of the industry nowadays. Both entrepreneurs and Internet giants have started to extend their development tentacles to this industry that is going to bring disruptive development to traditional industries.

In the cryptocurrency world, consensus mechanisms are protocols and algorithms that enable computer networks to work together to ensure network security. 51% of the nodes in the network must agree on the global status of the network in order to reach a consensus.

The application scope of blockchain technology continues to expand, from the field of digital currency, to the trading of financial derivatives, risk management, to supply chain finance and other fields, all have a wide range of application prospects.