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Speaking of consensus mechanism, in fact, he is a mode of verification and confirmation of the transaction, he is mainly through the vote of the special nodes to complete the confirmation, in general, if for a transaction, a number of interests of unrelated nodes can reach a consensus, then we will be defaulted to the whole network can also reach a consensus.

Blockchain technology is an Internet database technology that is characterized by decentralization, openness and transparency, where everyone can participate in the database records, and it can also be applied in a variety of different fields.

Although a variety of cryptographic assets focus more directly on privacy through technology, there are still many possible ways to increase the privacy of Bitcoin, including point-to-point transactions. In the field of encryption, some familiar privacy assets include Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Verge (XVG), Beam and Grin. Dash is also on the list because it allows for increased anonymity, although the currency is not technically classified as a private asset.

It is reported that at present, many people compare cash and bitcoin. After all, although they understand that they are different virtual currencies, they still can not break the relationship between them.

Payment can be said to be a link of great concern to both sides of the transaction. E-commerce is now developing at a high speed, and payment is a fundamental link in the process of fund financing, which is very important. With the development of blockchain technology, there are now many ways to realize fund transfer through blockchain technology

With the popularity of blockchain technology and digital currencies, more and more people are investing and trading in digital currencies. However, just like any other market, there are scams and deceptions in the digital currency world.

Web3, or Web 3.0 for short, is the latest generation of the Internet that is evolving to create a more decentralized, secure and transparent Internet.