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In the era of big data, data has become an important asset for enterprises and individuals, and how to extract useful information and tap potential value from massive data has become a concern for every organization and individual. As an intuitive and efficient way to display data, large visualization screen is gradually becoming the first choice of enterprises and individuals.

Data Warehouse (Data Warehouse) abbreviated as DW, an integrated center for storing large amounts of data. The purpose of the data warehouse is to build an analytics-oriented integrated data environment for the enterprise to provide decision support (Decision-Support).

What is the significance of digital transformation? This is the answer to the question that every enterprise is looking for, and the most common answer is the reinvention of business processes.

The data grid can overcome many challenges inherent in big data by driving higher levels of autonomy and data engineering alliances among a wider range of stakeholders. However, big data is not a panacea, it brings a series of risks for enterprises to manage.