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Laptop temperature is too high will lead to switching or open the program relatively lag, serious will make the computer blue screen or automatic restart.

Subnet mask is also called network mask, address mask and subnet mask. It is used to indicate which bits of an IP address identify the subnet where the host is located and which bits identify the bit mask of the host. The subnet mask cannot exist alone. It must be used in combination with the IP address. The subnet mask has only one function, which is to divide an IP address into two parts: network address and host address. The subnet mask is the basic knowledge that everyone who uses the Internet must master. Only by mastering it can you truly understand the TCP/IP protocol settings. Let's explain what subnet mask is in simple terms.

SSDs have been sold for a long time. However, at present, mainstream installations are still purchasing traditional mechanical hard disks, while most SSDs are installed in high-end configurations. Due to the small capacity and high price of SSDs at present, few mainstream users choose SSDs. However, with the development of technology, it is also a trend that SSDs gradually become mainstream. Next, we will introduce the advantages of SSDs and the differences between SSDs and ordinary HDDs.

Discrete graphics card refers to a graphics card that exists as an independent board and needs to be inserted into the corresponding interface on the motherboard. Discrete graphics card has independent video memory, does not occupy system memory, and is technically ahead of integrated graphics card, which can provide better display effect and operating performance. Discrete graphics cards are divided into built-in discrete graphics cards and external graphics cards. As an important part of the computer host, the graphics card is very important for those who like to play games and engage in professional graphic design. At present, the suppliers of graphics chips for civilian graphics cards mainly include AMD (formerly ATI) and nVIDIA.

AirPods are a line of wireless headphones produced by Apple and are widely popular. Although airpods are waterproof, they are not completely waterproof.

As an advanced means of identity verification and access control, fingerprint recognition technology has been widely used in various fields with the advantages of uniqueness, convenience and high security.

3D Mapping is the core technology of outdoor architectural projection, which can project onto the surface of objects in any medium and turn the surface of the objects into animation to achieve a perfect integration of objects and animation, thus creating a strong sense of visual impact.