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Sherwood's IT department has so far installed advanced IoT devices along the Las Vegas Strip, on a handful of adjacent streets, and at more than 150 intersections from the airport to Fremont Street.

The latest addition to the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, the Connect Box offers a user-friendly way to monitor building performance with promising energy efficiency optimization of up to 30 percent, dramatically improving indoor air quality in small to medium-sized buildings such as schools, retail stores, apartments or small offices.

Mobile Internet of Things is a network technology built on the basis of Internet, communication network and wireless LAN in order to realize the mutual transmission of data and data

Walking outdoors can be challenging for the visually impaired, who must deal with physical barriers, rough terrain, and other pedestrians, and technology can make the visually impaired more confident.

In the age of information technology, data are exchanged not only between people but also between things (this is how the Internet of Things works). Some of this data is very sensitive.