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The first application of blockchain is Bitcoin. Blockchain has become the promoter of "decentralized currency Internet" by providing power for cryptocurrency. By providing transparency, accountability, immutability and security, the blockchain soon triggered an influx of more cryptocurrencies. Today, we have more than 10000 different cryptocurrencies in circulation.

A very obvious phenomenon is happening - the meta universe is being praised by more and more people, whether it is a technology giant or a capital giant. At the same time, the blockchain is returning to rationality and objectivity bit by bit. This is a good phenomenon for blockchain.

AI models have many definitions today. They can be a parallel universe containing the digital version of human beings and the world, or a three-dimensional network that replaces today's two-dimensional network, or a graphical interface for predictive analysis and product design cooperation.

With the help of AIGC technology to generate digital doppelgängers or virtual people, it is possible to allow every real person to realize man-machine collaborative work through virtual images at the technological level, to get rid of people from basic repetitive labor, and to further emancipate the productivity of the society in a low-marginal-cost and high-efficiency way.