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The data grid can overcome many challenges inherent in big data by driving higher levels of autonomy and data engineering alliances among a wider range of stakeholders. However, big data is not a panacea, it brings a series of risks for enterprises to manage.

Human beings and objects are the two major categories of the earth. Human beings are the most advanced animals on the earth. Objects (animals, plants, organisms, microorganisms, man-made objects) cannot be made. Human beings have wisdom and dominate the earth;

To do big data, first of all, you should understand what is the core of your own enterprise or industry. We often find that many enterprises are defeated not by their current competitors, but by many competitors who are not your competitors. For a simple example, everyone thinks that Amazon is an e-commerce company, but this is wrong. Its main revenue now comes from the cloud (cloud service). That is to say, enterprises need to find their own core data (value).

When executives hear the term "big data", they naturally think of an amazing amount of available data. This data comes from e-commerce and omni channel marketing, or from connected devices on the Internet of Things, or from applications that generate more detailed information about trading activities.

The application of big data is just like the use of credit cards. The better you use it, the greater the income. On the contrary, can enterprises bear the cost of mistakes in big data? This article describes 6 major mistakes and solutions.