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Many people may not know what the server means, but it must be familiar to computer enthusiasts. Generally, it is difficult for us to see the real server, because the server is generally placed at the key of the computer room, and the idle people are generally not allowed to enter. So speaking of the server, many friends who have not contacted with it feel very strange. Here is a detailed introduction to what the server means.

Discrete graphics card refers to a graphics card that exists as an independent board and needs to be inserted into the corresponding interface on the motherboard. Discrete graphics card has independent video memory, does not occupy system memory, and is technically ahead of integrated graphics card, which can provide better display effect and operating performance. Discrete graphics cards are divided into built-in discrete graphics cards and external graphics cards. As an important part of the computer host, the graphics card is very important for those who like to play games and engage in professional graphic design. At present, the suppliers of graphics chips for civilian graphics cards mainly include AMD (formerly ATI) and nVIDIA.

How to solve the problem of computer blue screen? First of all, find out the reasons for the blue screen of the computer. There are many reasons for the blue screen of the computer, such as the excessive overclocking of the computer, the poor contact of the memory module or the damage of the memory, the failure of the hard disk, the failure of the hard disk, and the non existence of the installed software. This article will introduce and analyze the causes and solutions of the blue screen phenomenon one by one.

Many users with laptops sometimes encounter the problem of boot blue screen, some cases are occasional, restart the computer will be fine, but there are times when restarting the computer does not work.