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As we all know, using a camera to take pictures requires sensitive materials to record images. The sensitive material of traditional cameras is film, while the sensitive material of digital cameras is light sensitive elements (CCD or COMS). Compared with the area of 35mm film, if the size of the sensor area is close to or equal to that of 35mm film, it is a full frame size. The SLR camera with this size is a full frame SLR camera.

IMEI code, namely the serial number of the mobile phone. It is the abbreviation of International Mobile Equipment Identity. Like the identity card of a mobile phone, it is used to help identify the identity of a mobile phone. Each mobile phone has only one serial number, which is not the same. We usually match the serial number displayed after pressing the "* # 06 #" key on the mobile phone with the barcode on the mobile phone box and the serial number in the back of the mobile phone after removing the electric board. If the three are the same, it is more likely to be genuine goods (not excluding second-hand goods).

Many people may not know what the server means, but it must be familiar to computer enthusiasts. Generally, it is difficult for us to see the real server, because the server is generally placed at the key of the computer room, and the idle people are generally not allowed to enter. So speaking of the server, many friends who have not contacted with it feel very strange. Here is a detailed introduction to what the server means.

Subnet mask is also called network mask, address mask and subnet mask. It is used to indicate which bits of an IP address identify the subnet where the host is located and which bits identify the bit mask of the host. The subnet mask cannot exist alone. It must be used in combination with the IP address. The subnet mask has only one function, which is to divide an IP address into two parts: network address and host address. The subnet mask is the basic knowledge that everyone who uses the Internet must master. Only by mastering it can you truly understand the TCP/IP protocol settings. Let's explain what subnet mask is in simple terms.

SSDs have been sold for a long time. However, at present, mainstream installations are still purchasing traditional mechanical hard disks, while most SSDs are installed in high-end configurations. Due to the small capacity and high price of SSDs at present, few mainstream users choose SSDs. However, with the development of technology, it is also a trend that SSDs gradually become mainstream. Next, we will introduce the advantages of SSDs and the differences between SSDs and ordinary HDDs.

Discrete graphics card refers to a graphics card that exists as an independent board and needs to be inserted into the corresponding interface on the motherboard. Discrete graphics card has independent video memory, does not occupy system memory, and is technically ahead of integrated graphics card, which can provide better display effect and operating performance. Discrete graphics cards are divided into built-in discrete graphics cards and external graphics cards. As an important part of the computer host, the graphics card is very important for those who like to play games and engage in professional graphic design. At present, the suppliers of graphics chips for civilian graphics cards mainly include AMD (formerly ATI) and nVIDIA.

The mobile network has become a part of our daily life. Mobile phones can't leave the mobile network without sending WeChat messages to watch live games. However, many users will find that some mobile phones need to cache and play games when watching live broadcasts, but some mobile phones do not. Even if you use the same operator's network, the transmission speed of the mobile phone network will vary greatly at the same time and place. What? This may be because your phone does not support carrier aggregation. What is carrier aggregation? Next, we will introduce the carrier aggregation technology and the application of high pass carrier aggregation technology in detail.

This word is believed that as long as you are familiar with the digital field, you will not be unfamiliar with it. Resolution is the precision of screen image, which refers to the number of pixels displayed by the display. Since the dots, lines and surfaces on the screen are all composed of pixels, the more pixels the display can display, the finer the picture will be, and the more information can be displayed in the same screen area, so the resolution is one of the very important performance indicators. The whole image can be thought of as a large chessboard, and the resolution is expressed by the number of intersection points of all longitude and latitude lines.